For decades, Jeannette DePalma seemed destined to become nothing more than a vague cautionary tale – her death being the stuff of campfire stories – until the late 1990s, when anonymous letters began to flood the office of a local independent magazine entitled Weird New Jersey. As Weird New Jersey’s Mark Moran and Jesse Pollack tried to research this almost mythic cold case, they encountered numerous obstacles, such as the Springfield police claiming to have lost all of Jeannette’s case files during Hurricane Floyd, and the hesitancy of the slain teenager’s acquaintances to go on the record and tell what they knew.

Undeterred, these researchers carried on, and shocking discoveries would be made. Now, more than four decades after the murder of Jeannette DePalma, the truth can finally be told. Death on the Devil’s Teeth is the result of nearly two decades of research conducted by Weird NJ correspondent Jesse P. Pollack and Weird NJ co-creator Mark Moran. Once a barrage of anonymous letters referencing the murdered teenager began to pour into the offices of Weird NJ in the late 1990s, Moran decided to conduct an investigation into her death. Through a series of articles published in the magazine, Weird NJ rescued the grisly cold case from certain oblivion, and attracted the attention of Jesse P. Pollack, a correspondent with the publication since 2001.

After making a series of investigative breakthroughs, Pollack and Moran joined forces to bring this harrowing story of a young woman’s murder to light. Filled with firsthand accounts from Jeannette’s friends, her family, and the investigators assigned to her case, Death on the Devil’s Teeth is the definitive account of New Jersey’s strangest unsolved murder.